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“Throughout your whole life and for your Entire Family”


As Family Medicine Doctors, we are trained to care for you from birth through childhood, adulthood and into your later years.    We are specifically trained to address a wide range of illnesses that can occur throughout your lifetime. We believe that best care happens by developing an ongoing partnership between you and your personal physician team, striving firstly, for the prevention of illness and a promotion of wellness. Find Out About Test Lab Results.


Medical Care for All Age Groups

    Routine Physicals for Men and Women

    Chronic and Acute Illness Care

    Later Years, and End-of-life Care


    Children of all ages from birth through Adolescents

    Your child doesn’t have to change doctors when they become teenagers

Well-Woman Care

    With our expertise, when you see us for your “Well-Woman” Exam, you will have the benefit of a truly comprehensive medical assessments, with an emphasis on preventive and proactive care, and while also managing any ongoing chronic illnesses. Our annual “well-woman” exam addresses the whole person, going beyond just basic gynecological care, thus you’ll need only one doctor’s visit, as your pap and breast exam are a part of our complete physical.

Routine Physicals for Men

    Our “routine’ physicals are comprehensive medical assessments, emphasizing prevention, while identifying risk factors for chronic and serious illnesses like heart disease and cancer, as well quality of life concerns like sexual function, and overall well-being.

Pre-conception Counseling


Preventive Medicine

    Risk assessment, nutrition, exercise and stress management


Sports Medicine

    Acute injury and injury prevention


Mental Health

    Depression, Anxiety, well-being concerns


Our physicians are on-staff at Hoag Memorial Hospital and work with the outstanding specialists and services that Hoag Hospital offers to this community.


Your Test Results

    Our practice is now online! We are excited to offer our patients the ability to communicate via a secure website called "NEXT MD". This website can only be accessed by the individual patient with a secure log-in and password. Children and elderly patients can be managed under a chosen "care manager".


    This website allows us to send you your results, send orders for imaging and lab work, and send you referrals for specialist. You can also email your provider with brief, non-emergent questions that do not require an immediate response.